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ARTWORK: Christian Ludwig Hansen

  JUNE 6  





The Movements is a high-octane theatre/dance spectacular and the economics class you never had in school. It’s a show about the global economy in the form of a 90-minute workout routine. Accompanied by a soaring musical score and multi-layered video design, four performers never quit as they transform dry data into aerobic movement before your very eyes. Covering everything from GDP and the WHO to wealth inequality and inflation, The Movements examines the mind-boggling complexity of these hot topics in a way that is accessible and endlessly engaging. 


Created by Zuppa with choreographer/performer Liliona Quarmyne, video designers Anna Shepard and Christian Ludwig Hansen, composer Stewart Legere and in partnership with Kinetic Studio and Halifax Dance, The Movements examines of the social, political and environmental costs of growing wealth stratification, and the challenges of addressing it. 


Every movement in the tightly choreographed 90 minutes is a physical expression of data. Did you know that the average Canadian owns less of Canada’s wealth than in the 1990s and substantially less than in the 1960s? Did you know that WWE Wrestling’s CEO Vince McMahon is the world’s rich athlete, or that the World Bank loaned Colombia $500 million to support the nearly 2 million recent refugees from Venezuela? Have you always wondered what 'neoliberalism' means but were afraid to ask? 


Indebted to the aesthetic of 1980s workout videos and drawing on economic data from a range of sources, The Movements grapples with the legacy of the last 40 years of economic policy and asks us to consider what might be next.



The Movements features loud music and rapid projected images from news media, some of which may be disturbing.


We believe that theatre is for everyone, and try to offer affordable options to make sure there are no financial barriers in the way of anyone coming out to see a show.

If you are able to afford the full price, we encourage you to do so. If price is still a barrier, please reach out to

Volunteers see the show for free!
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Nova Scotia / Mi'kma'ki

We aim to make extraordinary experiences that provoke the consideration of new perspectives and ideas. We prioritize questions over answers, and the discovery of possibility over the depiction of what is. This compels us to experiment with new forms and grapple with relevant questions of our time. We attempt to do this as generously as possible and have developed a unique collaborative process that favours the intuitive over the formulaic and thrives on the play between the imagined and the real.

We are Alex McLean, Ben Stone and Stewart Legere. With each new project we attempt to do something we don’t know how to do and work with collaborators who bring new life experiences, perspectives or skill sets to the table.

We make shows for Halifax and for places far away, with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia, and The Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage, and Halifax Culture and Events. Zuppa is an affiliate member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

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Starring (alphabetical):
Stewart Legere
Faly Mevamanana
Liliona Quarmyne
Rebecca Wolfe


Choreographer: Liliona Quarmyne

Video Designers: Christian Ludwig Hansen and Anna Shepard

Composer: Stewart Legere

Lighting Design: Jessica Lewis

Director: Alex McLean

Dance Coach: Rebecca Wolfe

Video Design: Christian Ludwig-Hansen with Anne Shepard

Creation Intern: Kate Urquart

Producer: Sophie Schade


Created in partnership with Kinetic Studio and Halifax Dance.
Thanks to The Craig Foundation, The Black Family Foundation.


Accessible Ticket Pricing: This performance has pay-what-you-can-afford pricing. If cost is still a barrier, please email

COVID: Masks are available on site and encouraged/appreciated but not required. Event is general admission and social distancing may not be possible.

Transit Access: The Halifax Transit Dartmouth Ferry arrives directly at Alderney Landing, and Alderney Gate is serviced by Halifax Transit buses #5, 6+, 53, 54, 55, 62, 158, 159, 161, 165. 


Physical Access: The Theatre is on the second level of Alderney Landing, accessible by passenger elevator and stairs. Parking is available onsite, with curbside dropoff and automatic doors at the main entrance to the building. Alderney Landing is connected to Alderney Gate by pedway, accessible by elevator, escalator and stairs.

Stadium Seating: Fixed stadium seats fold down and are 16.5 inches deep and 20 inches wide from the inside of each (shared) armrest. Front row seating is on the same level as the entrance and can be reserved in advance by emailing There are stairs leading to the rest of the rows, 7 inches high and 17 inches deep. There is no handrail. Armless chairs are available upon request and will be placed in the front row, they are 16 inches deep and 15.5 inches wide. For assistance, or to request priority seating before the house is opened, please check in with EFT Staff or Volunteers.

Bathrooms: There are two all gender bathrooms in the rotunda lobby, one with toilet stalls only, and one with toilet stalls and urinals. Both bathrooms are equipped with various hygiene products. 

Environmental Sensitivities: We aim to provide a scent-free environment, and make every effort to use products that are scent-free where possible (including alcohol-based hand sanitizer). We encourage all patrons to be mindful of the effects of strong scents, and ask that patrons avoid wearing or using scented personal products while onsite.

If you have any questions about the accessibility measures in place, please email Accessibility Coordinator, Sara at




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