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Phase Three

Project Manager - Hannah Wood

Project Manager - Bria Miller 

Venue Accessibility Audits

For Phase Three, we are creating a standardized venue accessibility audit system that will:

  • take some of the burden off individual organizations

  • allow the results to be easily communicated to the general public

  • allow the results to be available across the sector 

  • be self-sustaining after the grant ends

  • create welcoming spaces to typically underserved audiences


The Audit team will be made up of folks from underrepresented communities so they can evaluate with the lens of lived experience. Once the team is in place, they can begin working on creating the audit system framework and methodology. Once complete, the teams will start the audit process, traveling to each venue and evaluating them according to the list of criteria developed by the very people who have issues with access. Venues would receive the results of their audits, along with recommendations on how they could improve. We are partnering with Nocturne and Halifax Fringe (two large festivals that each make use of dozens of venues) and will be piloting our audit system in preparation for their 2024 festivals. 


Beneficiaries of this project include the venues themselves (audit results could help with marketing, attracting rentals, transparency, securing funding for renovations), patrons (public audit results mean you could plan your visit, eliminate the need to self-identify), and the renting organizations (able to communicate to guests, plan ahead of time, ensure needs are met).   

Reach out to for more information or questions.




Phase Two

Project Coordinator - Sara Graham

A resource for the community

The Accessibility Hub was designed to be a community resource that creates a shared vocabulary, provides info on access measures, and normalizes Access Plans. In consultation with Project Coordinator Sara Graham and the Web Developer Roddis Communications, we created a search tool that allows a user to find recommendations to make their activities more accessible, depending on their timeline, budget, and/or target community. Users are able to add the recommendations to their plan and can export the list. This list can then be used for grant proposals, infrastructure changes, or strategic planning. To complement the search tool, we’ve included a Glossary of Terms, and a Resource Section. The Resources will consist of links to service organizations, helpful tips, lists of service providers in the region (like consultants, ASL, active listeners, etc), templates, and guides for creating things like visual guides, descriptive captioning, etc. Care was taken to make sure the website was built to WCAG AA standards, which means it is compatible with any accessibility software.

We will remain open to suggestions for new resources and will update information as needed. 






Phase One

Project Coordinator - April Hubbard

Creating theatre for everyone.

The Accessibility Project has a two-fold goal to both recognize the barriers faced by underrepresented artists in accessing the performing arts in Nova Scotia, and to offer recommendations on how we can clear these roadblocks and create a more welcoming arts sector for everyone.


​Project Coordinator April Hubbard led six Community Consultants with lived experience to represent underserved communities in the performing arts. They conducted interviews, held feedback sessions, and administered surveys before making recommendations on what organizations could do moving forward to reduce barriers to accessing and working in performing arts, no matter what their capacity. These recommendations are now in the form of a comprehensive final report, available free of charge. We're currently working towards a more accessible platform that will empower other arts organizations to include these measures in their own work.


Community Consultants:

Nat Chantel, Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis, Carmen Lee, Raymond Sewell, Kirsten Olivia Taylor, and Maeghan Taverner.


Atlantic Presenters Association, Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative, Charles Taylor Theatre and Media Association, Chester Playhouse, Dartmouth Players, East Coast Music Association, EVERYSEEKER, Halifax Busker Festival, Halifax Dance, Halifax Fringe Festival, Halifax Pride Festival, Halifax Theatre for Young People, Keep Good (Theatre) Company, Khyber Centre for the Arts, Kick At The Dark Theatre Co-operative, Kinetic, King's Theatre, Lions Den Theatre, Live Art Dance, LunaSea Theatre, Mayworks Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Mocean Dance, Neptune Theatre, Nocturne Halifax, Page 1 Theatre, Prismatic Arts Festival, Probably Theatre Collective, Ship’s Company Theatre, The Villains Theatre, The Woods Hip Hop Company, Theatre Baddeck, Theatre Nova Scotia, Two Planks and a Passion Theatre, Votive Dance


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