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  MAY 25 + JUNE 1  



Join professional costume designers Brenda Duran and Diego Cavedon Dias to create your own Dartmouth Goose costume! We'll provide all the material and assistance you need, and will invite you to show off your work (and your waddle!) at the Moother Goose festival on Saturday, July 6th. In future, we'll invite you to join our joyful gaggle of Dartmouth Geese anytime EFT is taking part in a community parade!

This FREE, fun, and informative opportunity is intended for folks of all ages and abilities! Our pals at the MacPhee Centre are generously hosting us in their space at 50 Queen Street in Downtown Dartmouth.


If you have any questions, please reach out to or call us at 902-466-2769.

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The MacPhee Centre is located at 50 Queen Street, in Downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 1G1.

Our nearest intersection is Queen Street and Wentworth Street. You can access our centre in many ways:


Street parking is available for the MacPhee Centre. The parking spaces are unlined. There is both pay parking, free half hour parking (directly across from the MacPhee Centre. 7 Meters), and free two hour parking (around downtown, closest section is approximately 50 Meters). There is designated accessible parking (1 space) directly across from the MacPhee Centre, with clearly marked signs.

Helpful information for a driver is our address and our closest intersection as listed above. A recognizable landmark is that our building is located across from the old post office.

The closest bus stop is King St After Portland St (Stop ID: 7058). It serves the bus routes, 53, 54, 55, and 62. The centre is 120m from this bus stop. The Alderney Gate Ferry Terminal (Stop ID: 6063) is 300m from the MacPhee Centre. It serves the bus routes, 5, 6A, 6B, 6C, 62, 158, 159, 161, 165, 168A, 168B. The MacPhee Centre can provide bus tickets for when you need to take the bus to our centre and home from it. Please ask Staff for bus tickets upon arrival/departure from our Centre.

The closest bike lock station is located on the sidewalk right outside of the MacPhee Centre. It has room for two bikes.

The main door is the left most door when facing the MacPhee Centre. The door is manual and
opens outwards. There is a 1”-2” lip/bump in the door frame. We are currently preparing to build a ramp and platform for our front entrance to ensure the main floor of our building is completely accessible. This work will be completed in 2024. We have a portable ramp that can be installed at the main entrance. The ramp does not meet the accessibility guidelines provided by the Inclusive Recreation Resource Centre.

Our main program space has a variety of seating options, including tables and chairs, wobble
stools, and couches. On the main floor, all our tables and chairs are on caster wheels and can be moved to best accommodate the needs of a program or individual. The path to the back of the building is left clear. There is a (1) gender-neutral bathroom, kitchen, and supply closet at the back of the building. The main floor is smooth and flat. Our second floor is only accessible by stairs. In the main space on this floor, our tables and chairs are mostly stationary. On this floor there is a paint sink (to wash brushes), a (1) gender-neutral bathroom, and (1) fish bowl recording studio/ quiet space. Our loft space is only accessible by stairs. The loft space is the main space for our NSCAD Artist-in-Residence. It has a few stationary and collapsible tables, cubbies for storage and lockable cabinets.


There are (2) gender-neutral bathrooms at the MacPhee Centre. The first (1) single use bathroom is located on the main floor at the back of the building. There is a continuous unobstructed route of travel from the entrance to the restroom. The handle for entering and exiting is a knob, and the door swings outwards into the hall. The toilet area and sink area is large enough for wheelchair maneuvering. There are no grab bars currently mounted. The second (2) single use bathroom is located on the second floor to the back of the building and near upstairs landing. The handle for entering and exiting is a knob, and the door swings inwards into the bathroom. This bathroom is only accessible via stairs. The bathroom on the second floor has Free items for anyone to take, including safe sex items, hygiene and care items, as well as a resource wall with phone numbers and websites for community services.

The sensory stimulation at MacPhee Centre tends to vary depending on the program. Our
interior is mostly open plan, with few closed-door spaces. The noise level at the MacPhee Centre tends to vary depending on the program. The building can be creaky and rattles depending on the weather and the construction across the street. We use a few different light sources at the centre. There is a considerable amount of daylight. Our overhead lights are LED, and our gallery lights are track lights directed at the walls. We have (2) sets of noise canceling headphones that anyone can use while at the centre. Our fishbowl recording studio (located on the second floor) is our designated quiet space; as well as our kitchen (located on the main floor) does have a door and can be a
quieter space then our main program area.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our sensory access, please reach out to us


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