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A reimagining of the iconic soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s ROMEO + JULIET in an intimate candlelit cabaret. This Valentine’s Day, Eastern Front Theatre presents cherished East Coast musicians Kim Harris + Stewart Legere as they bring the soundtrack to 1996’s cinematic pop culture phenomenon ROMEO + JULIET to life once again. Director Baz Luhrmann re-visioned Shakespeare’s classic tragedy into a modern, angst-fueled cinematic touchstone (launching into superstardom its young stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes); simultaneously crystallizing the tormented nature of young love into a 13 song track-list that rides like a wave: poppy, dirty, sweet, fun, sad and sexy - the songs are quintessentially 90’s and activate deep nostalgia for a whole generation of movie and music fans. In 2013, Kim and Stewart presented this soundtrack in an evening of twinkling angst, nostalgia, and the pains and joys of love at the beloved Company House. A decade later these two award-winning musicians and frequent collaborators dive back into this musical tale of tragedy and woe, bringing it to the Alderney Landing stage in support of Eastern Front Theatre.

This concert has cabaret-style seating at tables of four, with tired PWYC pricing starting at $25.


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