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Our Macro Series is back!

Following last year’s Macro Digitals series of large-scale, non-traditional and interactive new works exploring Connections, this year we’re planning for a new Macro Series: ISOLATIONS.

We’re looking for imaginative theatre (and theatre-adjacent!) artists to explore big ideas in a collaborative setting onsite at the Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth/Punamu’kwati’jk throughout March 2023. With oversight from Artistic Director Kat McCormack, Production Manager Patricia Vinluan, and Accessibility Consultant Sara Graham, artists will bring their projects to life, creating a series of theatrical installations and performances that can be experienced by socially-distanced audiences in a self-guided manner, with an online component available for folks to experience from anywhere.

How can in-person audience members engage with those engaging online? How can we blur the line between performer and participant? How can we tell a story with new technologies? How can an audience affect the art? Think and dream BIG! (Simple ideas can be big in impact!) We're looking for interactive, high-impact, innovative and accessible ideas as well as collaborators that are keen to work with others to create a memorable experience for audiences in-person and online.

Why ISOLATIONS? This project is generously funded by the Government of Canada’s Commemorate Canada Reopening Fund, which is designed (in part) to increase opportunities for Canadians to participate in commemorative activities to mark Canada’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. For our Micro Digitals Series, artists were tasked with translating the essence of live theatre into a micro digital offering; for our Macro Digitals Series, hybrid digital/in-person pieces relating to various ways we found connections throughout the pandemic. For this year’s Macro Series, artists are asked to translate the essence of their shared pandemic experiences into theatrical works that the public can engage and reflect with.

Artists will be paid according to CAEA and ADC rates. Deadline to submit is January 29th. Outside dates for the project are February 27th to March 27th 2023.

Interested artists are asked to submit via Google Form, expressing their ideas in 3-5 sentences. Artists may submit additional support material. Selected artists will have a follow-up meeting to discuss their idea(s).

A note on submissions: I have attempted to make this submission process as simple as possible. Depending on the volume of submissions, I will be reaching out to artists for 30-minute chats via phone or Zoom to hear more about your work and ideas, ask questions, and to meet those of you who I might not know. I do this because I have a personal aversion to filling out lengthy forms and I find it is always easier to explain and understand thoughts verbally, though I know that may not be true for everyone. With that in mind, please reach out at any time if you have any feedback on the process or if I can support your submission process in a way that works better for you.

If you have any trouble, please email me at



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