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  OCTOBER 21 - 30  


Book + Lyrics - Tara L. Taylor
Music - Tara L . Taylor, Charity Stairs, Mark Flowerdew & Ross Unger

Illustrations - Carmahn McCalla

Eastern Front Theatre and Charles Taylor Theatre & Media Arts Association are thrilled to present the world premiere of LOVE, PEACE & HAIRGREASE: THE MUSICAL from local playwright Tara Taylor. 

LOVE, PEACE & HAIRGREASE is a play about love and transformation that celebrates afro-textured hair, old and new thoughts and techniques. When Lauren Johnson takes over the legacy of her grandmothers’ salon and renames it Love, Piece and Hairgrease (an Ebonics term meaning “bye”) the venture comes at a great personal cost. When they told her she couldn’t, she did it anyway. How does one find love and peace in the midst of hairgrease life storms? Say bye to fear, old habits, wigs, weaves, and stressed HAIR!


"Easily one of the most joyful, cheeks-hurt-from-smiling theatre experiences I've ever had!"


We believe that theatre is for everyone, and try to offer affordable options to make sure there are no financial barriers in the way of anyone coming out to see a show.

If you are able to afford the full price, we encourage you to do so. If price is still a barrier, please reach out to

Volunteers see the show for free!
Learn more + sign up here.


Black Women In Excellence

DB Pearlz Designs

Key Sense Selfcare


Accessible Ticket Pricing: This show is a pay what you can afford. If cost is a barrier for you please email to arrange.

Bathrooms: All gender bathrooms, one bathroom with stalls one bathroom with stalls and urinals. 

The bathrooms are equipped with various hygiene products. 

Physical Accessibility: The space is wheelchair accessible, there is an elevator leading up to the theatre. The front row of the theatre is for accessible seating. 

Babysitting: There is complimentary babysitting being offered by an individual during our Sunday performances. Babysitting is offered Sunday Oct 23 3:30- end of performance and Sunday Oct 30 3:30- end of performance. If you would like to sign up for this please email with the show date you are planning to attend and name and ages of the children attending with you.

Theatre Accessibility: The theatre seats excluding the front row are stadium sets with steps to each row. The seats are fold down seats with arms on either side. The stairs leading up to the seats are each 7 inches in heights and 17 inches in depth. There is no handrail on the stairs. The seats in the theatre are 16.5 inches in depth and 20 inches in width from the inside of each armrest. Armless chairs available in the front row 16 inches in depth and 15.5 inches in width.

Transit Accessibility: The public transit that arrives outside the Alderney Landing Theatre is the Halifax-Alderney Theatre, Bus # 5, 6+, 53, 54, 55, 62, 158, 159, 161, 165.

Active Listener: An active listener will be available at all shows. There is a calm decompression space on the left side just outside of the theatre. 

Content Warnings: Casual use of derogatory hair terms, conversation around sexual assault, some religious conversation and references.

Projections and Lights: There will be moving projections on a large screen and multi-coloured lights used throughout the show. 

Audio Notes: Actors will be amplified with individual microphones. There are voiceovers recorded and amplified from speakers on either side of the stage. There is live singing in the show. There is also a live band of two keyboards, a saxophone, an electric drum, and a bass guitar.  

If you have any questions about the accessibility measures in place for the show, please email Sara



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