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We are well into rehearsals for LOVE, PEACE & HAIRGREASE and can't wait to share this high-energy show with you! Have a peep at this photos from one of our first table reads, taken by Daniel Wittnebel.

The show runs October 21st to 30th and tickets are on sale now!

[IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS: Rehearsal in the sunny Alderney Landing Rotunda. Members of the team are seated at tables covered in scripts and water bottles and snacks. 1. Actors Natasha Thomas and Kailin Glasgow looking and smiling at someone out of frame. 2. Thaydra Gray smiles broadly at someone out of frame. 3. Actor Julia Williams speaks to someone out of frame. 4. Actors Garry Williams and Louis Anthony Bryan are caught in a laugh. 5. Stage Manager Patricia Vinluan reads from her laptop, while director Tara Taylor laughs in the foreground.]


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