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Why Do Actors Train?

On March 8th, American theatre artist and scholar Brad Krumholz will be in town to discuss his new book (and the findings within it) in an open community conversation at Alderney Landing Theatre.

"Why Do Actors Train? Embodiment for Theatre Makers and Thinkers" (Bloomsbury/Methuen Drama) focuses on recent developments in neuroscience, philosophy, and related fields to develop a new theory of embodiment to investigate the actor’s craft.

Moderated by EFT’s Board Chair Kimberley Cody, whose history includes studies in both neuroscience and acting (MBA, MSc Neuroscience, BA Acting), this free event will guide interested community members in a lively conversation aiming to catch a glimpse of how all of us, not just actors, encounter the material world and the invisible forces at play within it.

Participation in the conversation is encouraged, though observers are very welcome. Theatre artists, neuroscientists, psychologists, scholars, theatre fans, curious witnesses – all are welcome! Participants are encouraged to sign up in advance, but walk-ups are also welcome.

Krumholz’s visit to the Maritimes will include work with the 4th-year students at Dalhousie University’s Fountain School for the Performing Arts, as well as a (sold-out) daylong practical workshop for professional theatre artists, co-led by Krumholz and ZUPPA. This event is in partnership with our friends at ZUPPA and North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL) in Highland Lake, Sullivan County, NY.


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