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Thrilled to see our award-winning FAT JULIET Composer/Sound Designer and MACRO Digitals Collaborator, Jackson, get some love and recognition from our pals at 2b Theatre and The Siminovitch Prize.

"Jackson is a unique talent, and generous collaborator. As a seasoned musician, Jackson brings his versatile skillset as a composer, designer, and performer to his design work. That combined with his humble, articulate, and hard-working approach to collaboration makes him an ideal team member. He is a brilliant emerging voice in the Halifax performance community. I feel lucky to have been able to call him a colleague so early in his theatre journey." -- Christian Barry, 2b Theatre

We happen to agree! Congrats Jackson!

You can learn more about Jackson by visiting, and listen to his new single here:

📷 Portrait by Dartmouth artist (and one of Jackson's MACRO DIGITALS collaborators), @jamiekronick.


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