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Wearing plaid, actors Mary Fay Coady, Mary-Colin Chisholm and Burgandy Code stand behind a low table bearing bones and bowls of nuts, grains and boughs. They smile and speak to someone out of frame. Behind them is a green tree, blue sky, and a low, grassy hill.

Big thanks to Mary Fay Coady, Mary-Colin Chisholm, and Burgandy Code who helped us with a little Harvest Moon Ritual for the Fire & Water Festival at Alderney Landing.

Fire & Water is a free festival that celebrates unique cultures through music, art, and special performances with music, dance, storytelling, art activities, and fire performances.

Mary Fay, Mary-Colin, and Burgandy walked over 500 people through a newly devised Celtic Harvest Moon Ritual, with their own flare! If you missed them this year, check back next year when the Harvest Moon is full!


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