Stages Theatre Festival

Call for Submissions for Eastern Front’s Stages Theatre Festival

Eastern Front Theatre is pleased to announce a call for submissions for the 23rd annual Stages Theatre Festival, Atlantic Canada’s Professional Touring Theatre Festival. Dates for the Festival are June 15-26, 2016. Productions will be staged at various venues around Halifax, NS. Stages will feature accessible, innovative, and entertaining contemporary theatre from the Atlantic provinces and across the country. There are two categories in which to submit proposals:

Stages: Productions aimed at an adult audience, with a maximum running time of 75 minutes.

Next Stages: Productions aimed at a family audience, with a maximum running time of 60 minutes.

We will consider traditional theatre productions, site specific pieces, installation pieces, and works at various stages of development.

All shows run in repertory so preference will be given to shows which have short turnaround times.

Preference will be given to shows that are written by Atlantic Canadian artists or tell Atlantic Canadian stories.

Proposals will be accepted electronically or through regular mail, but must be received by November 16, 2015.

Please submit the following:

· A one page proposal describing planned or existing production

· A list of participating artists, CV’s of key artists

· A script sample or completed script

· Any related reviews of your work

· A video recording, if possible

Please send applications to:


Charlie Rhindress, Artistic Producer

1580 Barrington St.

Halifax, NS

B3J 1Z6

For additional information contact Charlie Rhindress at


The Stages Theatre Festival will once again put East coast stories and artists in the spotlight through a variety of productions, play-readings, and workshops staged around the city. Eastern Front will present a mix of shows at different stages of development, on a variety of stages, by artists at differing stages of their careers. The festival features an eclectic lineup of innovative theatre, comedy, music, and special events that make this Halifax based festival a true entertainment extravaganza. With individual tickets and festival pass options for arts lovers across the city, the full program of events will be announced in April 2016.


Submissions for Stages 2014
Around this time each year Eastern Front Theatre posts a call for submissions for Stages, our annual Spring festival of touring theatre. In 2014 we will be combining Stages with Magnetic North to present more shows than either of us could present on our own. Eastern Front will be responsible for presenting Atlantic Canadian productions in the Festival, while Magnetic North will focus on productions from the rest of the country.
With the excitement that this combined Festival has generated we have been overwhelmed with submissions and pitches coming in for the past twelve months. In addition to that we were already collaborating with a few companies about exciting new Atlantic Canadian projects.
For this reason, we have already committed to all of the projects that we can present in our 2014 festival and will not be posting a call for submissions. We apologize to those companies who were hoping to be presented in 2014, but didn’t feel it was fair to call for submissions when we already have more exciting productions than we can possibly host. That said, Stages and Magnetic North will offer a variety of opportunities throughout the festival allowing local theatre artists to engage with audiences, and present their work in public forums. More on that will be announced in the weeks to come. We also hope that any companies with projects that fit the Stages mandate will consider submitting their work in Fall 2014 for our 2015 festival.
Thank you for your understanding and I hope we see you June 18-28 at the combined Magnetic North and Stages Festival.
All the best,
Charlie Rhindress
Artistic Producer,
Eastern Front Theatre